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Great Exampleof BOX POEM by DAVID YOUNG


On April 10th at 7 PM EST I'll be leading a free online Workshop on the BOX POEM. You can attend by emailing Jacar Press at 

jacarpress@gmail.com. Join us for new ideas, new poem techniques and serious fun.


of course I took it personally

a faint sliver

I feel your mute petition

consider the effects of isolation and disease

we slip back into sleep

ragged men stumble by

he lays down in the street

your letters were an underground stream between us

I sip coffee

broken friendships litter poetry's gutters

like a dream he hovers above my desk

what's stored in the celart

licking your dry lips

the rugs roll themselves itnto suspicious shapes

I count my coin, desiring

what can light the way now that

soap will wash your guilt.