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Summer readings 2018

Hemingways Bar, Pittsburgh PA June 5, 8 pm;


City of Asylum/Free Association, Pittsburgh PA July 22, 5 pm;


KGB Bar, New York City, NY August 22, 7 pm



In Case of Sudden Free Fall is out - from Jacar Press. I am very excited about this small book of 50 prose poems. Here's a sample:


the clouds erupted - slate grey, charcoal. Almost black. Winds shredded sky, water cut skin so Turner knew he had no choice. He chartered a ship, then tied himself to the mast so he could see for himself.

Eventually even Monet changed his paints, the world first yellow-casted, then blue, then a miraculous red. Thus it was strangely real as vision itself is too much too soon too fast too full too bright too loud too hot too close-- like fainting but before you pass out.

Some other work:

I hope you have time to check Supersition Review which features four new ekphrstic poems, as well as the art that was the trigger. The artist, Akiba Emanuel, (father of poet Lynn Emanuel) painted dynamic and disturbing paintings in response to the Holocaust and his work is worth your time. Click on the link below and it will take you into the issue.