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Free Assiciation Reading Series at Al[habet City, 40 North Ave. Pittsburgh

March 5, 2023, 3:30 p.m.


Pittsburgh Festival of the Book, Theology School on Higland Ave.

May 13, 2023


Hemingways at White Whale Bookstore, Pittsburgh

June 27, 2023


New Jersey Literacy Series,

Spet 10, 2023

a preview




I've been thinking about your body.And the

box they put it in. Wondering if you're still in

there. If a hand under the lip of the box might 

be a way of climbing in, or being in there with



because once we were sisters. We thought our

bodies were eternal. And, sweetheart, isn't 

that every girl's mistake? My hands ache to

touch your face, to brush the bangs from your 

eyes. When they took you, when they closed

the lid on the box, I wished I was a button on

your blouse.

Some other work:

I hope you have time to check Supersition Review which features four new ekphrstic poems, as well as the art that was the trigger. The artist, Akiba Emanuel, (father of poet Lynn Emanuel) painted dynamic and disturbing paintings in response to the Holocaust and his work is worth your time. Click on the link below and it will take you into the issue.