Deborah Bogen

Poet and Novelist

"What we have in Deborah Bogen's Let Me Open You a Swan is sublime poetry, the rare gift of a terrifying look into the shaping of a warrior poet and her work. " Michelle Mitchell-Foust "In Bogen, suffering cannot be transcended, and yet, while tribulation is fiercely present, it brings to the world an ironic and stubborn luster, a glint, a scintilla of light. "Let Me Open You a Swan" is a vibrant and wholly original work." Lynn Emanuel
Historical Fiction
In Book 2 Edric leaves England and travels perilous miles to Paris hoping to answer the spiritual questions that plague him. Along the way he meets Bertot le Brun, a painter, and lovely Marie, maid to Isabella du Forez. Sweet on Marie and apprenticed now to Bertot, Edric's almost happy, but the Inquisition is never far away. Even in Paris Bishop Hugo can make life hell. At least this time Edric is no longer an inexperienced boy...
In Book 1. The Inquisition has come to Aldinoch. Can three orphans find the courage and the allies necessary to save The Witch of Leper Cove?
Landscape With Silos was a National Poetry Series Finalist and Winner of the 2005 XJ Kennedy Poetry Prize

"Deb Bogen writes poetry that is naked and necessary, unadorned and political, intelligent and genereous. The book brims with intelligence." ---Carol Frost
Living by the Children's Cemetery was Winner of the 2002 ByLine Press Chapbook Competition

Judge Edward Hirsch commented that the book "provides a profound answer to the poet's own call for 'someting sinister, something/ fragile, something Bessie Smith/ could sing.'"



FEB 12, 2106 BEYOND BAROQUE, 681 Venice Blvd., Venice, CA with the amazing MAURYA SIMON...we'll begin at 8 p.m.

FEB 27, 2016 PANZA GALLERY, MILLVALE, PA with other poets from the Post Gazette project - a truly great art/​writing show. TTD

Recent and Forthcoming Work:

I hope you have time to check Supersition Review which features four new ekphrstic poems, as well as the art that was the trigger. The artist, Akiba Emanuel, (father of poet Lynn Emanuel) painted dynamic and disturbing paintings in response to the Holocaust and his work is worth your time. Click on the link below and it will take you into the issue.

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reading in Paris - fun!


"Noose and Hook", Lynn Emanuel's new book is enthralling. She has a center section called "The Mongrelogues" you will not want to miss. For more poetry try BH Fairchild's "Usher" and Merwin's "The Shadow of Sirius". For Prose - I just discovered Robertson Davies, "The Deptford Trilogy." As of book one this is a keeper - more soon. I also recommend Cathy Day's "Circus in Winter." It's really marvelous -- complicated, fascinating and artful. I recommend it highly. You will be glad to read it, and be loaning it to your friends when you're done. Who should I be reading?


You've been working on a poem. There's something there. You're pretty sure there's something there. I mean, there must be a reason you are coming back to this one. But you're feeling stuck. Try this. Read your poem out loud - work on it for a bit if anything comes to mind. THEN get out a copy of HOWL (you own Howl, right?) and stand up in your living room or office or wherever you are - and read a big part of HOWL outloud. At full voice. I like to use Section II - the Moloch section. I tell you - this will move things around in your head. Then go back to your poem. If you have a good tip on revision send it to me at dbbogen@​