Deborah Bogen

Poet and Novelist

Deborah Bogen

Elixir Press 2009


The Witch of Leper Cove is only .99 today!

I write fiction and poetry.
For fiction lovers here's a reader's review of
The Witch of Leper Cove.

5 out of 5 stars MUST READ

By C. M. Barrett "Connie Barrett" (Ruby NY) -

"If you have any interest in medieval England and the lives of the common people, as distinct from the rulers, this book is a must-read. The three main characters, a young woman and her younger twin brothers, all orphans, are well-drawn and sympathetic. Secondary characters are equally plausible. The plot development is almost breathtaking in that it's both logical and unexpected.

Aside from being a detailed portrait of life long ago, the story has many parallels to the modern uneven distribution of wealth and power. The ending inspires."

Book Two of the Aldinoch Chronicles, The Hounds Of God, is with the copy editors.
It will be out this spring.

And for POETRY READERS here are selected reviews of my collections.

About Selected Works

Historical Fiction
The Inquisition has come to Aldinoch. Can three orphans find the courage and the allies necessary to save The Witch of Leper Cove?
Winner of the 2009 Antivenom from Elixir Press "What we have in Deborah Bogen's 'Let Me Open You a Swan' is sublime poetry, the rare gift of a terrifying look into the shaping of a warrior poet and her work. Michelle Mitchell-Foust.
Landscape With Silos was a National Poetry Series Finalist and Winner of the 2005 XJ Kennedy Poetry Prize

"Deb Bogen writes poetry that is naked and necessary, unadorned and political, intelligent and genereous. The book brims with intelligence." ---Carol Frost
Living by the Children's Cemetery was Winner of the 2002 ByLine Press Chapbook Competition

Judge Edward Hirsch commented that the book "provides a profound answer to the poet's own call for 'someting sinister, something/ fragile, something Bessie Smith/ could sing.'"